Entrepreneur, Consultant

I am a business professional with an appetite for knowledge and opportunities where technology can be used to connect people. I have executive level skills in mass communications markets and am building a toolbelt of skills in programming and front end web application development to assist me in servicing my clients and my own professional projects.

I have extensive experience in entrepreneural pursuits of my own, and as a consultant have continued passion for helping others improve their own ventures. I have worked with the mom's and pops, the technology startups, mid-sized companies and the most powerful consumer brands in the world.

    Professional Services:
  1. Business Services: Strategic Business Concepts, Program Development and Implementation
  2. Communications Services: Public Relations, Marketing, Customer Service & Communications Apps;
  3. Software Services: Concept Ideation, Specification and Development
  4. Technology Toolbelt: Python & Frameworks, SQL & noSQL, Full Stack RESTful Web Tools (HTML, jQuery JavaScript, Bootstrap, CSS etc.) for physical, virtual and cloud based web systems.