Javascript Tutorials

Javascript is a front-end web programming language that can add a little pizazz to a website, can be used to jazz up email marketing campaigns, and with frameworks like bootstrap and angularJS can be used to create single page web applications. It's relatively easy to learn and this series of tutorials on how to use the language goes through the basic Javascript syntax, explores the nature of Javascript data types and structures, provides insight into writing Javascript functions and even dips into animations and how to use frameworks.

Javascript can help make your web presentations come to life Browse the Javascript tutorials to learn how to make this technology work for you

Working with Bootstrap API

Reworking garwoodpr website with Bootstrap API, jQuery and HTML5, to find that AWS doesn't support the framework in S3 (Simple Website Setup). I'll pretty up the site over time, but looks like I will need to recode the entire site to run off of traditional HTML5, JS and CSS.

Bootstrap is a front-end web framework that is easy to learn and use, plus it makes websites look great with a minimal amount of work. Learn about the project's history, meet the maintaining teams, and find out how to use the Bootstrap brand.

Learning Amazon Web Services Platform

Ahhh..., the Cloud. If only this were easy... its' not. Amazon Web Services (AWS) may be my favorite new toy, but in truth it is no toy. Its all work - - but the price is pretty appealing. Not only do they offer an initial (one-year) offer to new businesses to work with their technology in the free tier, but their philosophy of allowing others to utilize the amazing platform they built to support their terrific service, makes them in my opinion, a 'Best Of Class' solution in the industry.

The AWS Global Summit will be held in Chicago April 2017. Registration to the general event is free and you can sign up by visiting the page for more details.

Did I Mention, Python Rocks!!!

Can't help it. Programming in Python Really Does Rock. I know a thing or two about programming, and regardless of what language I end up learning, hacking around with or experimenting with for side projects, I always come back to the same old thought... 'I wish I could do this in Python instead...' and guess what, usually I find a way to make that thought come true.